Current advertising campaigns by large national insurance companies for "FINAL EXPENSE INSURANCE" on television and unsolicited contact by insurance agents may be confusing. Purchasing a policy, regardless of what it is called, from an independent insurance broker will
NOT GUARANTEE FUNERAL COSTS.  ONLY arrangements made through an established funeral home have prices guaranteed.

Prepaid funerals through McGann Hay, and accumulated interest, are protected by current legislation. Prepaid funeral plans apply the total funds prepaid, along with all accumulated interest, towards the current cost of the funeral at the time of need. Once the payments for a preplanned funeral program commence, the services and selected merchandise are guaranteed against inflation. 

I think it is fair to say that most people don’t really think too much about what they will want at their funeral. For some, this can be because they foresee their death as something that is going to occur in the distant future, leaving plenty of time to make proper arrangements. This is, however, not always the case. Death can occur at any time, and not you, me, nor anyone else on this planet know when our time will truly be up. Still other people may tend to avoid the situation because, at some level, they may be afraid of it. The fact of the matter is that none of us will live forever, and we should all take responsibility for our final arrangements.

The loss of a loved one is, without a doubt, one of the hardest events we experience in our lives. We learn to cope with these losses, but there is always a certain amount time that is needed to properly grieve. The grieving process enables us to come to terms with our loss, and to understand that we need to carry on with our own lives for our loved one. It is only after we properly grieve, that we learn to pick up the pieces, and carry on with the memories of our loved one. Even though the individual may be gone, these memories will remain with you forever.

That being said, adding the burden of arranging proper services is not something we want to do to our loved ones in their time of grief. When funeral prearrangements are made with a funeral director, we help ensure that our families and friends will be able to focus more on their own thoughts and feelings, rather than having to make important decisions regarding your services.

As a matter of fact, while you think you may know what type of services you would want for yourself, chances are that you have not talked about these details with your friends or family. Many people wrongfully assume that their friends or family will know what they want. This is not true, and even if you think that it is not important to you what type of services you have, it may be very important to your family.

The decisions regarding your funeral arrangements are only made once. If you have not made prearrangements by the time you pass, then the responsibility falls on your friends and family. If you have not properly communicated your wants (or lack of wants) with your family, then they must make this important decision during the worst time possible to make these types of decisions. Planning your services in advance will avoid putting this unneeded burden onto your loved ones.

Please call (574) 232-1411 or email to pre-arrange your funeral with McGann Hay today.

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